Your Prospect Will Never Lose Your Contact Details Again!

Contact Details

Stop counting characters. Share as much or as little information as you’d like. You no longer have to confine yourself to 3 inches x 2.5 inches.

Easy To Use

Use ready-to-use templates or give it your own unique spin. You no longer need to reprint an entire batch of business cards to update your info.

Social Media

Include clickable links to bring your clients and colleagues straight to your social media accounts.


Let your clients or colleagues know where exactly to find your office with a Google Maps link.

Gen Z Classic

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Share your business information seamlessly with just a tap. No monthly subscriptions to pay. No app installation required. Enjoy unlimited taps of your business card.

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Personalized Card

Regular Price: $49.99


Customize your Gen Z card by printing your name, and get a unique QR code to make networking seamless. No monthly subscription, no app installation. Just unlimited taps.

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Branded Card

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Get your Gen Z Card display your company name, brand, and other important details with our premium branded cards. Contact us for more information.

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Gen Z Sticker

Tap and Transfer Your Contact Details With the Gen Z Sticker

Attach our revolutionary Gen Z Sticker to the back of your smartphone, tablet, and your favorite gadget. With just a tap on your prospect’s smartphone, you can easily transfer your contact information. Giving people your phone, email, and social media accounts has never been so easy.

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How It Works


We use NFC technology to ensure a seamless transfer of contact information to anyone. Exchanging information has never been this easy! Fill out a form so we know what you want to share, and we’ll generate your card after 48 hours.


Once you receive your Gen Z Card, you are ready to share your contact information with those who have smartphones. Have your Gen Z Card ready, and simply tap to send your contact details.

No App

Attending a conference soon? No need to get a stack of your business cards to give out. From now on, you are paperless! Even better, Gen Z cards don’t require the user to download a special app to share your contact information. 

Smart Contactless Card for the Digital Age.

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Join the 600+ companies using Gen Z.

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Matt Watson (San Francisco, CA)

When I first saw the Gen Z card online, I thought it was a bit gimmicky. But, because I want to be more eco-friendly (plus, I thought it was really tacky to have a hundred business cards in my pocket during this networking event I was attending), I took a chance and ordered. I kinda wish I did it sooner because it really made quite an impression. People were asking me where I bought it and they kept checking out my name in their phonebook.

Harry W.

All I did was tap, tap, tap and people were saying “wow, wow, wow.” This is a dynamite business card. Can’t wait to tell all my friends.

Bryan Matek (Fayetteville, NC) 

In a sea of 10,000 insurance agents giving away calling cards to prospective clients, who stands out? Well, I certainly did. Clients 10 years younger will call me saying how they remembered how I tapped the card and the contact details showed up on their phone. Said that they wanted an insurance agent that was modern and progressive. Who would’ve thought that a digital business card would help me be more appealing to a younger demographic? Thanks for creating this card, Bojan.