Gen Z Classic


Share your business information seamlessly with just a tap. No monthly subscriptions to pay. No app installation required. Enjoy unlimited taps of your business card.

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Personalized Card


Customize your Gen Z card by printing your name, and get a unique QR code to make networking seamless. No monthly subscription, no app installation. Just unlimited taps.

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Branded Card

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Get your Gen Z Card display your company name, brand, and other important details with our premium branded cards. Contact us for more information.

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Gen Z Sticker

Tap and Transfer Your Contact Details with the Gen Z Sticker

Attach our revolutionary Gen Z Sticker to the back of your smartphone, tablet, and your favorite gadget. With just a tap on your prospect’s smartphone, you can easily transfer your contact information. Giving people your phone, email, and social media accounts has never been so easy.

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